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The Prime Movers

Liner Notes

Album: "Spooked"

"No One Waits For Me"
"Dark Western Night"
"Going Inside"
"Dark Western Nightmare (Bub Dub)"
"Murder In Bordertown"
"Long Time Gone" *on vinyl version only
"On The Trail" (Gary Putman Vocal)
"Kahlua House" *on vinyl version only
"Love Patrol"
"Throw Open The Doors"
"When The Smoke Clears"
"On The Trail" (Live bonus track/digital only)

Label: Birdcage Records

Recorded by Bill Meyers, Mark Ettel, Jim Hill, Rob Jacobs, Chris Tsangarides, Doug Schwartz and Tom Banghart

Recorded in Los Angeles at A&M Studios and MCA Whitney Studios and at The Power Plant, London, England

Digital realease re-mastered by Doug Schwartz


Joe Severs Ramsey: Bass Guitar and Vocals

Gary Putman: Guitars and Vocals

Curt Lichter: Drums and Percussion

Rob Schilling: Synths


E-Bow Guitar on "Dark Western Night" by Stuart Adamson


Writers: (Ramsey, Putman, Lichter)
Universal Music/Bad Basket Music

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