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The Prime Movers

Red Hand

He saw the red hand slowly cover his face

Did you ever wake up in a chill
A cold sweat dripping from your brow
A boy of six years old lie shaking his head
He saw the red hand coming down

Confusion - it's all in my mind
Isolation - creeps up from behind
The red hand slowly covers my face
The children lying still in their place

Another sleepless night, chasing those clouds away
Their bodies lying on the ground
Will the morning ever come?
Will my fear subside?
My lips, they move
But there is no sound

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Writers: Ramsey, Putman, Lichter
Universal Music/Bad Basket Music

Copyright © 1983-2017, The Prime Movers. All rights reserved. No content may be reprinted, reproduced electronically or used otherwise without explicit permission.