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The Prime Movers


I'm laughing
And I don't know why
At a picture
In black and white
The sunset
A dingy brown
There is no hope
On the other side of town

I'm working
‘Till the day I die
No compensation
So, why even try
I feel it
It's in my soul
Pitfalls and trouble
Whichever way you go

Have you been around the world
On every corner and every turn
On every block, on every street
Met the people there to meet
Well, I laugh

It's quiet
And I think out loud
No time for questions
Or finding out

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Writers: Ramsey, Putman, Lichter
Universal Music/Bad Basket Music

Copyright © 1983-2017, The Prime Movers. All rights reserved. No content may be reprinted, reproduced electronically or used otherwise without explicit permission.